Klein Bottle Hats Plus

In honor of my topologist grandfather — the Klein Bottle hat. A klein bottle is “a non-orientable surface.” To you and me that means the inside and outside surfaces are continuous; you can’t tell where the one stops and the other begins. Trust me; the math nerd in your life will love it. BONUS: Now you can add my Mobius strip scarf and make it a set! Scroll down for pictures, prices and how to order.

Each of my Klein bottle hats  and Mobius scarves is hand-knit to order. I typically use three colors but am happy to work with you if you’d like other colors or patterns. Made of 100% acrylic yarn. One size fits all.  $30 each plus S/H. Make it a set with the Mobius scarf for $45 plus S/H. Contact me or visit my Etsy shop to order.

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