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Watercolor and Ink Cards



I love how these watercolor and ink cards turned out! I needed to make thank-you cards and I had some watercolor paper postcards I never used, so these cards were made. If you don’t have postcards, don’t worry! You can just cut out a piece of watercolor paper and glue it to the front of a card made from cardstock. Another important thing is when choosing a pen to use, test it out and brush some water over top of it to make sure that the ink doesn’t run when it gets wet. I used a thin Sharpie, and it works great.

First, you will draw a design on your cards with the pen. I chose to go with simple patterns but you can do whatever you like. Plants, animals, mandalas, birds, fish, flowers, or geometric designs are some options.



Make sure your ink is completely dry. Then tape your card to some cardboard so that the paper doesn’t buckle.

Using a big brush, wet the part of the card you want to paint first. Don’t get it super soppy wet, just damp. For the flower card, I wet only one flower at a time. With the green card, I did the whole thing at once.

Before the card dries, dab paint wherever you like on the wet places. The water will blend the colors together.



When the paint is dry, you can untape the card and then you’re done! Comment with any questions you have, and follow my blog for more craft tips and tutorials.