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Scarf of the Week: Yellow Infinity Scarf

I did something different for this week’s scarf of the week — an infinity scarf. These are made as one loop which can be draped around the neck once or twice depending on whether you want as longer or shorter look. As usual, this one was handwoven by me ona  rigid heddle loom. The dominant color is yellow but it is made in sections so one part has more dark green, another pink and another a more golden yellow shade. I also left a fringe and gave it some decorative buttons to this scarf has a lot of eye appeal.  $36 plus S/H. Contact me or visit my Etsy shop to order.


Handwoven Cotton Scarf in Black and Red

The scarf of the day is this lovely black and red one:

black and red cotton scarf

Hand woven cotton scarf in black and red

It is 100% cotton which makes it light enough for three season wear. All my scarves are hand woven by me on a rigid heddle loom. This one is 54″ long and 4″ wide. $20 plus S/H. Contact me or visit my Etsy shop to order.

Mint Green and Brown Cotton Scarf

My 100% cotton scarves are lightweight and can be worn for three seasons. They make great Valentines and Mothers’ Day gifts! This one is mint green and brown with more brown in the border and both colors in the tassels. 62″ long by 4″ wide. $20 plus S/H. Contact me or visit my Etsy store to order.

mint green scarf

100% cotton scarf in mint and brown

Drapey Lacy Scarf

You’ll love the deep, rich colors on this burgundy and grey lacy scarf. These lightweight scarves drape wonderfully, They are made with a baby boucle yarn (97% acrylic; 3% polyester).  This one is 66″ long and 8″ wide. $30 plus S/H.


burgundy lace scarf

Lacey scarf in burgndy and grey. Lovely deep colors. 66″ long by 8″ wide.


Extra Thick Handwoven Scarf for Him

Just in time for the blizzard! This handwoven scarf is extra thick and warm. At 70″ long and 9″ wide it is one of my heaviest duty scarves. The colors are muted — all shades of brown but with a lovely alternating stripe pattern so it’s not too boring 😉  This would make a good man’s scarf but could be worn by a woman as well. Chenille weft and mercerized cotton warp.  $25 plus S/H. Contact me to purchase or visit my Etsy shop.DSCF7448

Caring for your handwoven:

Handwash warm with mild detergent. Air dry flat. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

Unique Blue Scarf with a Touch of Shine

This handwoven chenille scarf is a little different. I have added a sparkly yarn for just a touch of shine. It is think and warm and is sure to get you through those tough New England winters in style. It doesn’t come through well in the pictures but I also used a deep purple yarn which is seen in the tassels. 54″ long by 6″ wide. $25 plus S/H. Contact me or visit my Etsy shop to order.



Caring for your handwoven:

Hand wash warm with mild detergent. Air dry flat. Do not bleach, No not iron.