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Scarf of the Week: Dusky Rose and Off-White

It’s hard to sum up this scarf because, though the colors are not overly bright, it has a lot going on. The main colors are a dark, dusky rose pink and off-white, but I also added soe threads of a bright, sparkly pink running through it. The warp thread, which is seen in the tassels, is a dark brown. This owudl make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. Made primarily of chenille, this is a warm, soft, thick scarf for those winter days. 60″ long x 5″ wide. $28 plus S/H. Contact me or visit my Etsy shop to order.

You can find all my chenille scarves here.

chenille pink stripes (2)

Dusky Rose and Off-White with Sparkly Pink accents. 60 x 5″. $28.


Mint Green and Brown Cotton Scarf

My 100% cotton scarves are lightweight and can be worn for three seasons. They make great Valentines and Mothers’ Day gifts! This one is mint green and brown with more brown in the border and both colors in the tassels. 62″ long by 4″ wide. $20 plus S/H. Contact me or visit my Etsy store to order.

mint green scarf

100% cotton scarf in mint and brown